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E-mail: yxiao@iue.ac.cn & xiaoyong1982@msn.com

Phone: +86-0592-6190527

Personal website: http://www.yxiao.net

Research ID: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/G-3636-2010

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=06Yn2MwAAAAJ

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Dr. Yong Xiao received his Ph.D in environmental science and engineering from Hunan University, and his Ph.D research focused on the microbial ecology in composting and wastewater treatment systems. He joined the Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences in July, 2011 and now is an associate professor (research). His research now is focusing on wastewater treatment, environmental microorganisms, and bioelectrochemical systems (mainly on the extracellular electron transfer). He has published more than 40 SCI/SCIE indexed peer-reviewed papers.

  • Selected publications:

Full list of publications please refer to Publications

21. Haiyin Gang, Changye Xiao, Yong Xiao*, Weifu Yan, Rui Bai, Rui Ding, Zhaohui Yang*, Feng Zhao. Proteomic analysis of the reduction and resistance mechanisms of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 under long-term hexavalent chromium stress. Environment International, 2019, 127: 94-102 [open access URL].

20. Weifu Yan, Shuhua Wang, Rui Ding, Xiaochun Tian, Rui Bai, Haiyin Gang, Weida Yan, Yong Xiao*, Feng Zhao. Long-term operation of electroactive biofilms for enhanced ciprofloxacin removal capacity and anti-shock capabilities. Bioresource Technology, 2019, 275: 192-199 [URL Fulltext]

19. Weifu Yan, Yong Xiao*, Weida Yan, Rui Ding, Shuhua Wang, Feng Zhao. The effect of bioelectrochemical systems on antibiotics removal and antibiotic resistance genes: a review. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2019, 358: 1421-1437 [URL Fulltext]

18. Weifu Yan, Yunyan Guo, Yong Xiao*, Shuhua Wang, Rui Ding, Jiaqi Jiang, Haiyin Gang, Han Wang, Jun Yang, Feng Zhao*. The changes of bacterial communities and antibiotic resistance genes in microbial fuel cells during long-term oxytetracycline processing. Water Research, 2018, 142: 105-114 [URL Fulltext].

17. Le-Xing You#, Li-Dan Liu#, Yong Xiao*, You-Fen Dai, Bi-Lian Chen, Yan-Xia Jiang, Feng Zhao. Flavins mediate extracellular electron transfer in Gram-positive Bacillus megaterium strain LLD-1. Bioelectrochemistry, 2018, 119: 196-202 [URL Fulltext]

16. Yong Xiao, Feng Zhao*. Electrochemical roles of extracellular polymeric substances in biofilms. Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 2017, 4: 206-211 [URL Fulltext].

15. Yong Xiao, En-Hua Zhang, Jingdong Zhang, You-Fen Dai, Zhaohui Yang, Hans E. M. Christensen, Jens Ulstrup, Feng Zhao*. Extracellular polymeric substances are transient media for microbial extracellular electron transfer. Science Advances, 2017, 3(7): e1700623 [ free Fulltext URL]

   "An innovative study on the electrochemical behavior of extracellular polymeric     substances in the extracellular electron transfer of bacterial and yeast." quote from Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2017, 5:193–202

14. You-Fen Dai, Yong Xiao*, En-Hua Zhang, Li-Dan Liu, Ling Qiu, Le-Xing You, Gurumurthy DM, Bi-Lian Chen, Feng Zhao. Effective methods for extracting extracellular polymeric substances from Shewanella oneidensis MR-1. Water Science and Technology, 2016, 74(12): 2987-2996 [URL Fulltext].

13. Yong Xiao, Yue Zheng, Song Wu, Zhao-Hui Yang, Feng Zhao*. Nitrogen recovery from wastewater using microbial fuel cells. Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering, 2016, 10(1): 185-191 [URL Fulltext]. 

12. Yong Xiao*, Yue Zheng, Song Wu, En-Hua Zhang, Zheng Chen, Peng Liang, Xia Huang, Zhao-Hui Yang, I-Son Ng, Bor-Yann Chen, Feng Zhao*. Pyrosequencing reveals a core community of anodic bacterial biofilms in bioelectrochemical systems from China. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2015, 6: 1410 [URL free fulltext].

11. Yong Xiao, Yue Zheng, Song Wu, Zhao-Hui Yang, Feng Zhao*.  Bacterial community structure of autotrophic denitrification biocathode by 454 pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNA gene. Microbial Ecology, 2015, 69(3): 492-499 [URL Fulltext].

10. Yong Xiao*, Hai-Yin Xu, Hua-Ming Xie, Zhao-Hui Yang, Guang-Ming Zeng. Comparison of the treatment for isopropyl alcohol wastewater from silicon solar cell industry using SBR and SBBR. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2015, 12(7): 2381-2388 [URL Fulltext].

9.  Lidan Liu, Yong Xiao*, Yicheng Wu, Bilian Chen*, Feng Zhao. Progress in the research of electron transfer mediators in microbial electrochemical systems. Progress in Chemistry, 2014, 26(11): 1859-1866. (in Chinese, URL)

8.  Yong Xiao, Song Wu, Zhao-Hui Yang, Ze-Jie Wang, Chang-Zhou Yan, Feng Zhao*. In situ probing the effect of potentials on the microenvironment of heterotrophic denitrification biofilm with microelectrodes. Chemosphere, 2013, 93: 1295-1300 [URL Fulltext]

7.  Yong Xiao#, Song Wu#, Zhao-Hui Yang, Yue Zheng, Feng Zhao*. Isolation and identification of electrochemically active microorganisms. Progress in Chemistry, 2013, 25: 1771-1780 (# equal contribution, in Chinese, URL)

6. Yong Xiao, Song Wu, Fan Zhang, Yi-Cheng Wu, Zhao-Hui Yang, Feng Zhao*. Promoting electrogenic ability of microbes with negative pressure. Journal of Power Sources, 2013, 229:79-83 [URL Full text]

5. Yong Xiao, Guang-Ming Zeng*, Zhao-Hui Yang, Yan-He Ma, Cui Huang, Wen-Jun Shi, Zheng-Yong Xu, Jing Huang, Chang-Zheng Fan. Effects of continuous thermophilic composting (CTC) on bacterial community in the active composting process. Microbial Ecology, 2011, 62: 599-608 [Full text]

4. Yong Xiao, Guang-Ming Zeng*, Zhao-Hui Yang, Yan-He Ma, Cui Huang, Zheng-Yong Xu, Jing Huang, Chang-Zheng Fan. Changes in the actinomycetal communities during continuous thermophilic composting as revealed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and quantitative PCR. Bioresource Technology, 2011, 102: 1383-1388 [Full text]

3. Yong Xiao, Guang-Ming Zeng*, Zhao-Hui Yang, Yan-He Ma, You-Sheng Liu, Lian Yang, Rong-Juan Wang, Zheng-Yong Xu. Coexistence of nitrifiers, denitrifiers and Anammox bacteria in a sequencing batch biofilm reactor as revealed by PCR-DGGE. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 2009,106: 496-505 [Full text]

2. Yong Xiao, Guang-Ming Zeng*, Zhao-Hui Yang, Wen-Jun Shi, Cui Huang, Chang-Zheng Fan, Zheng-Yong Xu. Continuous thermophilic composting (CTC) for rapid biodegradation and maturation of organic municipal solid waste. Bioresource Technology, 2009, 100: 4807-4813 [Full text]

1. Zhao-Hui Yang*Yong Xiao, Guang-Ming Zeng, Zheng-Yong Xu, You-Sheng Liu. Comparison of methods for total community DNA extraction and purification from compost. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2007, 74:918-925 [Full text]


7. Investigation on the acclimatization mechanisms of microorganisms stressed by single or multiple pollutants of chromium and tetracyclines using omics technologies. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)  (600,000 RMB, 2019.1.1-2022.12.31, 51878640)

6. Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of Youth Innovation Promotion Association (800,000 RMB, 2018.1.1-2021.12.31, 20180344)

5. In situ nanoscale investigation of microbial extracellular electron transfer. Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship, Carlsberg Foundation (Denmark, 1,250,000 DKK, 2016.04-2018.04, CF15-0164)

4. Microbial  extracellular  electron  transfer  based  on extracellular polymeric substances, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (800,000 RMB, 2015.01-2018.12, 51478451)

3. Investigation on interaction between extracellular polymeric substances and heavy metals: based on extracellular electron transfer. Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (200,000 RMB, 2013.09-2016.08, IUEQN201306)

2. Communities and functions of the microorganisms involving wastewater treatment and electricity production based on high-throughput sequencing, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (250,000 RMB, 2013.01-2015.12, 51208490)

1. The microbial mechanism of autotrophic denitrification bio-cathode using for the removal of nitrate from groundwater, Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Proince (30,000 RMB, 2012.01-2014.12)